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Tungsten is a shiny metal light grey color. Is the most infusible, and one of the most solid and heavy among all known.

Special properties

Tungsten metal has a melting point of 3422 degrees Celsius, and boiling - 5555 degrees. At a temperature of 1600 degrees, can run its forging and extrusion in the thread.

The density of pure metal of 19.25 grams per cubic centimeter, a hardness on the Brinell scale – 488 kilograms per square millimeter.

Tungsten is endowed with paramagnetic properties, magnetic susceptibility determined at the level 0,32х10-9.

The tungsten price has unikalnym properties, widely used in many production industries.


Plasticity and refractoriness of the metal allows the use in the manufacture of filaments for conventional light bulbs and tubes, electrodes for argon arc welding, heating elements for vacuum furnaces.

Buy tungsten it is possible to obtain highly durable and heat-resistant alloys used in the manufacture of various tools, including surgical, tank armor, containers for radioactive wastes and so on.

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