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Alloys Of Cobalt

Alloys of Cobalt 2.4711/ Elgiloy, MP35N, CCM (Cr-Co-Mo), 2.4964 (Cr-Ni-W-Co)


Many alloy steels include cobalt, which increases their hardness, resistance to high temperatures and wear resistance.


Our products


Company "A Synthesis" delivers several alloys (Stellite), the use of cobalt which turns them into high-strength materials.


·        Elgiloy (Co-Cr-Ni) is used for the manufacture of springs and cables, corrosion resistant and has high plasticity and good fatigue life.

·        MP35N – Nickel-chromium alloy doped with cobalt and molybdenum, exhibits enhanced resistance to cracking and, accordingly, is not subject to crevice corrosion. It is made from nodes in the vehicles because it is resistant to stay in sea water.

·        Cobalt-chromium alloy CCM (Cr-Co-Mo) is popular in medicine as material for the prosthesis. It is biologically neutral, it is characterized by high elasticity (twice higher than that of noble metals), it's easy to cast an accurate model.

·        Alloys of cobalt with samarium or erbium suitable for the manufacture of powerful high-temperature magnets.


We comply with the exact technology of the production of each grade of steel and alloy.






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Сплав вольфрама 2.4711/ Elgiloy



круг, лента, лист, фольга, пруток       

Сплав вольфрама MP35N                   

Сплав вольфрама CCM (Cr-Co-Mo)    

Сплав вольфрама 2.4964 (Cr-Ni-W-Co)