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Niobium is a refractory metal with a white-grey. Has good ductility, allowing laminating of niobium metal in the leaves. Well welded.

Special properties

High melting point and boiling contributes to the outcome of the electrons. Superconductivity is observed only at high temperatures. The metal oxidation starts at temperatures above 300 degrees.

Niobium has high resistance to corrosive manifestations and almost all acids except hydrofluoric acid.

The material is subject to the effects of alkalis, and, above all, hot. In the process of dissolution in them, the oxidation and the formation of niobium acid.

Niobium in Ukraine comes mainly in bars, but extended to other traditional forms of storage.


For niobium the price is quite high, but it is kompensiruet its unique properties. The metal is highly demanded in aerospace industry, chemical industry, nuclear industry, electrical and electronic industry.

Niobium is used for alloying many alloys, which can significantly improve their operational properties.   


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