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Copper M1 / C-ETP / CW004A

Copper alloy  M1 / C-ETP / CW004A

The metal copper is one of the most popular in modern industry and manufacturing. The use of alloys based on copper rather widely, due to such technical parameters and characteristics as

·        excellent electrical conductivity,

·        good conductivity,

·        resistant to corrosion of any type

·        simple design

·        relatively low cost.

Copper, the price of which is determined by the mark of alloy, absolutely non-magnetic. It perfectly lends itself to further processing – bending, cutting, welding, soldering. Alloy uns c11000 is electrolytic solid copper precipitate, which is produced from cathode copper by electrolytic refining.

Sheet copper alloy C11000 is considered to be one of the most popular products on the market. The conductivity of such products is over 100% IACS. The oxygen content of the alloy is similar to the closest analogues, but the degree of purity it is much higher. The content of impurities, particularly sulfur, is less than 50*10-6 share.

On all questions of purchase of copper alloy grade uns c11000 / 2.0090 din/ copper M1 please contact us on the site. Experienced managers will answer any questions and advise when needed.


Chemical composition of copper M1













to   0.005

to   0.002

to   0.004

to   0.002

to   0.005

to   0.004

to   0.05

to   0.002

to   0.001

to   0.002

Cu+Ag min 99.9


Form of delivery of copper M1 / C-ETP / CW004A

UNS C 11000 / 2.0090 DIN/ Copper M1

tape, strip, rod, tube, wire, sheet, plate