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Латунь CuZn35Ni2Mn / CW710R

Brass CuZn35Ni2Mn / CW710R

Buy metal products of any type will always help the company's specialists a-Synthesis who will answer any questions and advise when needed. We will help you to choose, saving your time, money and nerves. Brass CuZn35Ni2Mn presented in this category of our catalog is characterized by a good operating and working parameters. Its scope is quite high, due to such properties as: ·        high durability; ·        resistance to deformation and stress; ·        corrosion resistance; ·        tear resistance and so on. The minimum coefficient of friction between the elements of brass ensures maximum durability of the equipment made of this material. Features and application Buy brass CuZn35Ni2Mn with additives of copper, zinc, Nickel and manganese is recommended for those areas and industries that require high strength and resistance to corrosion. This kind of alloy is widely used in areas such as: ·        plumbing trade; ·        the manufacture of pipelines for corrosive environments and work products; ·        manufacture of gutters; ·        the decor and architectureKeturah (plaques with engraving, decoration items, interior and exterior); ·        construction; ·        heat exchangers and so on.  We offer the best ratio of price and quality, as well as the biggest range of products based on brass of this type of alloy.

Chemical composition of Brass CW710R /  CuZn35Ni2Mn – Cu              58 – 60 % – Zn               Rest – Ni               2,0-3,0 % – Mn             1,5 – 2,5 % – Al               0,3 – 1,3 % – Pb              0,2 – 0,8 %

Механические свойства Латуни CW710R /  CuZn35Ni2Mn

Yield strength (Rp N/mm²):                       300 N/mm² Tensile strength (Rm N/mm²):                  490 N/mm² Elongation in % A 5:                                      20 % Hardness/Brinell:                                         150 HB Density                                                            ∼ 8.1

Формы поставки латуни CuZn35Ni2Mn / CW710R

   Латунь  CuZn35Ni2Mn / CW710R  

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