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Steel pipes

Steel pipe buy cheap range offers a Synthesis of the leader of the domestic steel market. Currently this kind of metal for hire remains the most popular.

Without tube rolling would be impossible to build a variety of communication networks, pipelines, aqueducts and sewer systems. Steel pipes are still the main element of the system of gas pipelines, providing the necessary reliability and durability in any climatic conditions.

Industrial production, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, food processing, and dozens of related industries need high-quality tubular steel, which is available at the company's warehouses And Synthesis.

The price of steel pipe is higher than similar plastic products, for example. However, for certain operating conditions, as well as working with aggressive substances and environments, steel pipe rolling works best.

Why steel

Buy steel pipe is primarily because of these properties and characteristics as high resistance to wear, maximum strength, resistance to deformation. These pipes are perfectly opposed to any type of damage (mechanical, physical or chemical). Durability quality steel pipe also out of competition.

At the same time, there are certain "disadvantages" of rolled steel that must be considered in its application. In addition to the fairly high cost, these include:

·       the inability to use, no extra insulation in harsh Arctic climatic conditions (even high-quality steel pipe quick frozen);

·       possible appearance and development of corrosion processes if the tubes are stored improperly or used in climates of high humidity;

·       significant weight involves the use of special construction techniques (this is especially true for large diameter pipe);

·       the appearance of the sediment (in areas of welded joints and seams) in water and sewage pipes.

Even despite these "cons," steel pipe still in demand, as products are characterized by a much greater margin of safety and reliability. This is especially true if the pipeline is planned to use the most long-term, periodically serving and eliminating the disadvantages.

Steel pipe has a high resistance that is required for the production of oil and gas. Even when exposed to open flame products do not emit dangerous and harmful for human health substances. As a rule, the use of steel piping is much easier and less expensive to look after and maintain elements requires only a couple of times a year.

Usage and application

If you are going to buy a steel pipe, is to determine the future scope of its application. The same pipe can be suitable for pipeline construction, but may be ineffective for water. Not to throw money away, is to discuss with experts a range of tasks, for which you can use a particular product.

Even the best quality pipe with walls of adequate thickness but not having resistance to corrosion, will not stand in the ground for several years. Protection from external influence is required: this can be as a special polymer coating and staining, and the use of stainless steel alloys.

Galvanized steel pipe will last as long as possible even at high ambient humidity. For these products, not afraid of rain and snow, they are resistant to high humidity and temperature changes.

As to the use of steel pipes according to GOST, there are several major standards and regulations that determine the range of future use of the products:

·       GOST 8732-78.

Reglementary the manufacture and use of seamless pipes, which are in demand in the petrochemical and gas industries, automotive industry, aircraft manufacturing and housing sector.

·       GOST 8734-75.

Seamless cold-drawn products (manufacture of furniture, manufacture of electrical equipment, machinery, machine tools, instrumentation).

·       GOST 3262-75.

Water and gas steel pipes (VGP), which are widely used in the utilities sector for the construction of common utilities.

·       GOST 10704-91.

Welded products with a circular cross section, which are used in the agricultural sector, in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering, utilities.

·       GOST 20295-85.

The main products that are needed for the construction of the largest utilities – pipelines, municipal sewage and so on. Steel pipe of this type has the largest diameter, length and wall thickness.

Buy steel pipes in Kiev will help you our specialists. We will offer the maximum range at affordable prices, saving your time and money.