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Seamless pipe

Other types of tubular steel products, steel seamless pipe characterized by the absence of straight or spiral weld, because of the peculiarities of production.


The specs for seamless tubular products is largely determined by the brand of steel used and their production technology, involving hot or cold rolled blanks. Release of products regulated by the existing standards.

Hot-rolled products is regulated by GOST 8732-78, determining:

- wall thickness that can be from 2.5 to 75 mm;

- product weight per unit of its length. Weight necessarily correspond to the wall thickness and external diameter;

is the diameter. Seamless pipe you can buy with diameters of 20 to 530 mm;

- the length of the unit. It can be from 4 to 12 meters. Thus, the production length of 6 meters, can have a deviation of not more than 10 mm, and products of greater length – up to 15 millimeters;

- tolerance on curvature in the range of 1.5-4 mm.

For cold-rolled products operates GOST 8734-75, is also defining:

- the thickness of the wall, from the extreme low, with an index of 0.3 mm, to a maximum of 24 millimeters;

- product weight per unit length, specified in a special table;

- external diameter, which can vary from 5 to 250 millimeters;

- length. You can buy seamless pipe standard length, from 4.5 to 9 meters, non-standard – 1,5 – 11,5 meters dimensional and 1.5 – 9 meters. The permissible deviation of 5-10 millimeters;

- curvature, with a tolerance of 1-3 mm depending on the diameter of the product.

Classification of products

In addition to the technology used in the production of seamless tubular products may be classified under:

- its geometry. It can be round, square, rectangular, U-shaped and so on;

- length. Can be dimensional, random and multiple dimensional length;

- diameter, which can be small, medium, and large;

the thickness of the walls. In this case, takes into account the ratio of wall thickness to external diameter of a product. Produced seamless tube with the ratio of 1:40 relating to particularly thin-walled, up to 1:6, representing a particularly thick-walled types.

There is also the classification of controlled parameters, followed by the letter a marking, wherein:

- A indicates the mechanical properties;

- B – the qualitative composition of the used alloys;

The combination of composition and mechanical properties of the product;

- G – chemical analysis and control products for mechanical properties;

- D – the combination of mechanical properties and chemical composition, as well as hydraulic tests.

Given the operational characteristics and areas of possible applications, seamless tubes are divided into 6 classes, where:

- Class 1 unites the standard products used for the transportation of liquid and gaseous media, and in construction;

- 2nd – includes products for pipelines operating under pressure;

- 3rd – products that withstand the combined effect of high temperature and pressure;

- 4th – includes tubular goods used in equipment designed for the oil and gas industry;

- 5-th class, including products for manufacturing rugged designs in the engineering and construction industry;

- 6-th class of the pipe for the production of various piston mechanisms, whose exploitation is connected with hydraulic and mechanical processes.

Main advantages

Seamless pipe produces a large strength than the products obtained by welding the ends of a sheet material. Physical properties of steel used and a special manufacturing process, allows you to give seamless product unique performance characteristics:

- ability to work in conditions of substantial temperature and significant pressure in the pipeline, which makes them very in demand in the energy industry.

- impressive stiffness, excellent resistance to external deformation factors, and the considerable level of internal pressure that allows you to buy seamless pipe for the construction of hydraulic structures, application in the engineering industry and so on;

- easily thanks to the thin wall, combined with a compelling strength, which is widely used in the aircraft industry and other industries where it is necessary such property;

- absolute integrity, which ensures complete safety of transporting toxic environments in the chemical industry;

- environmentally friendly, provide inertness to foods that promotes the use in the food industry. This primarily applies to galvanized types, which, moreover, is fully protected from the corrosive manifestations.

High enough on the seamless pipe price is perhaps the only drawback of this type of rental. However, the combination of price and quality, taking into account the special requirements for structures and pipelines to which it applies the product fairly quickly pays for itself and begins to make a profit.

The use of additional coverage

Additional coverage seamless products allows you to solve a number of additional tasks. So, to protect from the corrosive manifestations, the rental can be covered with zinc, paint or polymers. If you intend to use products for decorative purposes, you can pipe seamless buy chrome or painted. Possibly the use of other decorative materials.

In addition, if there is a need to reduce the thermal conductivity of the steel wall, for example, in heating systems or hot water can be used different insulating materials applied or placed on the pipe. Moreover, their use should be considered before purchasing pipe products, based on its mass and diameter, as well as external conditions.

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