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Titanium mill products

Титановый прокат

Titanium mill products

Company "A-Synthesis" is engaged in distribution of titanium products in the form of sheets, bars, pipes and wires, ribbons, powders.

High-quality titanium products in Kiev and any other city of Ukraine were always available if your partner is our company. Titanium and alloys based on it have become popular in the middle of the last century, due to its strength and lightness, but the cost of production of the material remains high and in our days.

A variety of titanium mill products in Ukraine is used in many industries and fields. Like any other type of hire, it has certain advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account in the selection of titanium for your goals and objectives.

The advantages of the materials

The main advantages of materials based on titanium include:

·       Maximum resistance to critically high and extremely low temperature conditions;

·       Minimum material density (about 4.5 g/cm3);

·       Excellent heat resistance (the temperature at which melted titanium is about 1700° Celsius);

·       Excellent resistance to occurrence and development of corrosion processes;

·       Good plasticity;

·       High strength.

It should be noted that for welding titanium will fit only a few types of this process, among them pin, argon and electron beam welding.

As for drawbacks, they include:

·       Bad antifriction properties;

·       Brittleness at high concentration of hydrogen;

·       the Ignition of titanium dust at a temperature of about 400° Celsius;

·       the Complexity of the smelting process;

·       High production costs;

·       Problems with quality and smooth cutting.

The main types of titanium alloys

Titanium mill products in Ukraine is represented by several types of alloys, among which the most popular:

·       VT5;

·       VT5-1;

·       OT4;

·       OT4-1.

Bicycle titanium made of VT5, is composed of about 5 percent aluminum. It is quite easy to weld, easy to forging and stamping. Strength sufficient for the production of such varieties of hire, as wire of various sections, bars and pipes.

VT5-1 titanium rental, price is a little higher. In its composition additionally present antimony (about 2-3%), which improves the strength characteristics. The alloy of such marks used for the production of plates, strips, sheets processing technique pressure.

As for the alloys OT4 and OT4-1, the products based on them have good plasticity, in this case welded all types of welding. The composition includes aluminum and magnesium. The main types of rolled sheet, profile, pipe, strip, plate.

GOST and dimensions

Titanium mill products, buy which are offered by our company is manufactured in accordance with GOST:

·       22178-76 (leaves);

·       26492-85 (bars);

·       23755-79 (plate);

·       22897-86 (seamless tubes type);

·       24890-81 (welded pipe rental);

·       27265-87 (wire);

·       1-90027-71 (tape).

The range of products on the basis of titanium mill products is quite extensive:

·       titanium sheets are supplied with dimensions of 0.7-2 m length, 0,7-2 m width, 0.3 mm-15 mm thickness;

·       round – length from 0.5 to 5 m, cross section from 8 to 30 mm;

·       wire – cross section from 0.5 to 6 mm;

·       pipe length 1 to 5 meters with a wall thickness of from 0.5 to 6 mm and the external diameter of  12 to 300 mm (the maximum weight is 200 kg).

Scope of application

In titanium rolled need almost all branches of modern industrial production. Elements of titanium are used in such areas and industries as:

·       aerospace engineering (manufacturing load-bearing structural elements of aircraft and missiles);

·       the automotive industry;

·       shipbuilding;

·       oil, gas and chemical industry (manufacturing of durable and light pipelines, and valves and parts for pumping equipment);

·       chemical industry – manufacturing of curing agents and catalysts;

·       medicine (production of prostheses, implants, medical furniture, surgical instruments and so on);

·       construction (roofing work);

·       architecture (design, decoration, decorating).

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