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Thermobimetallic refer to materials that consist of two or more layers of different alloys firmly welded over the entire area of contact, forming one whole. In this case, all the alloys that contain thermobimetals should be the indicator of temperature coefficient of linear expansion. With the high CTE component is called active, and with a small – received the status of passive.

The possible presence of the intermediate layer of Nickel or copper, having a substantial electrical conductivity and anti-corrosion coating of stainless steel.

Special properties

Methods and applications of materials are determined by their deformation manifestations, when you change temperature parameters.

Because of the different CTE, with increasing temperature, the internal stresses in the layers are unevenly distributed, and a thermostatic bimetallic bend. Thus, an alloy with a high coefficient under the action of tensile stress, is placed with the convex portion, and the alloy with the lower index subject to tension stretching, falls on the concave part. By lowering the temperature level, the process is reversed.

It should be noted that temperature-sensitive bimetals, in addition to responses to temperature fluctuations, is able to capture other changes associated with this process, including actions, status, and parameters. This allows you to use them in measuring, protective and regulating or compensating devices.

The thermostatic bimetallic price is based on indicators that define different characteristics and functionality of materials. 

Their classification is performed for several major indications, which include:

- method of thermal effects. It may be, Convention, radiation, heat exchange with the environment electric current. In the latter case, it is worth considering that the material has a certain resistance;

- operational functions of the device in which metal is used. This can determine the physical and mechanical properties of the component;

- design the shape of their metal. It can be flat, U-shaped, in the form of a spiral, plate, disc, and also have a more complex form. 

Buy thermostatic bimetallic is possible with different properties, the most important of which are:

the sensitivity, characterizing the level of deformation at a certain temperature;

- resistance;

- temperature range-service-defined period of maximum thermoactivated.

You can change the resistance and thermochemically, by combining the alloys in the layers, change their thicknesses, insertion of an intermediate layer.


 temperature-Sensitive bimetals are used in the manufacture of temperature sensors, thermostats, automatic protection switching equipment, systems, temperature compensation, control devices.

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