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Welded pipe

Currently, in the welded pipe segment account for almost half of tubular products. Used in most industrial sectors.


The raw material for the manufacture of welded pipe product, acts as sheet steel, thickness up to 5 cm, or steel tape, various thicknesses.

Rental get of steel:

- carbon. Type of carbon steel is determined by the amount as part of the core element. With this in mind, it can be low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon. A large carbon content provides high strength products, but significantly reduces its elasticity and makes it quite fragile, when operating in low temperature conditions;

- low-alloy. The pipe is welded, made of steel with alloying additives, the share of which does not exceed 2.5%, has a significantly higher strength that does not depend on the operating conditions. In addition, such products are allocated less weight, better resistance to corrosive manifestations, high wear resistance and longer service life. Tubular goods, low alloy steel is more expensive, but it is quite kompensiruet its properties.

Stainless steel products are made of steel with even more content special additives that determine their properties. Tubes from stainless steel are light weight and attractive appearance, easy to handle and highly resistant to corrosion.

Welded pipes stainless steel can be cold - or hot-rolled. First produced with a wall thickness of from 0.4 to 5 millimeters, and the second  from 2 millimeters to 5 centimeters.

Types of products

Tubular products with straight longitudinal seam is produced by welding the edges of steel sheet coiled in the form of the final product. Design of particularly large diameter, have two weld as welded from two sheets of paper having a limited width.

Products with helical seam, produced and rolled steel sheet. The advantage of this method is the ability to produce welded pipes with a diameter of 2.5 using the blank, of equal width. The ratio of wall thickness to diameter in these tubes can exceed 100.

The technology of producing spiral welded pipe products requires the use of less complex mechanisms than welded products. At the same time, it is characterized by high precision of execution.

The advantages of the spiral of the rental should include the impossibility, in case of accident, the occurrence of longitudinal main cracks, which is considered the most dangerous deformation of the pipe. This greatly simplifies the process of liquidation of consequences of the accident.

The disadvantage is that this welded steel pipe has a large length, which requires less welding operation.

Production methods

There are several ways to obtain the welded pipe. Most relevant technologies are:

- furnace welding, involving the impact on a steel workpiece (the strip) high temperatures. In this case, the strip of metal is heated to 1300 degrees in a tunnel furnace, and then acquires the desired shape by the forming mill, is programmed to the desired diameter. After that, the edge of the blank welded together;

- welding, which is the most common, which allows to obtain a welded steel pipe of considerable diameter and with thin walls, high-quality seam quality and surface. This method involves cold forming of special rolls or a press form, if necessary, will receive half-cylinders, for double seam products. The strip for spiral products obtained with the aid of a bushing and a roller-bridge & overhead press. For connection of the edges of the workpieces are different types of welding technologies. But for products that are designed for pipelines, used arc welding under flux;

- welding in protective gases used for the production of products from stainless steel and high-alloy steels. Protective carbon dioxide, helium or argon avoids carbidization alloying components that may affect the quality of the weld. The technology allows the use of both electric and gas welding.

Scope of application

Welded tube that has a ability with different characteristics, have found wide application in the energy sector, the oil and gas sector, construction sector, municipal sector. Stainless steel products are used in pharmaceuticals, food and light industry.

Where to buy

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