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Pipes standards ASTM / ASME / API

Трубы по стандартам ASTM / ASME / API

Pipes standards ASTM / ASME / API

Pipe, made according to the standards ASME / ASTM / API, are presented of welded and seamless wrought iron goods, used in low or high temperature and pressure.


Pipe ASME / ASTM / API standards submitted by: - seamless steel products used in high temperatures; - steel welded and seamless products, designed to work in low temperatures; - welded and seamless articles made of carbon and alloy steels used at low temperatures; - seamless tubular products, a material which is alloyed ferritic steel. Used in conditions of high temperature indicators; - welded by melting, steel products, intended for work in conditions of normal and low temperature performance.

Pipe ASTM / ASME / API can be produced with thread and without it. Unless otherwise specified, the pitch of the thread will conform to generally accepted standards for threads, General purpose, specified in inches.

product Dimensions

The parameters of almost all products are set on the basis of the nominal size of the products. At the same time, their production is based on standardization of O. D. (outside diameter), chosen in such a way that, for example, ASME pipe having a standard diameter and wall thickness, had an I. D. (inner diameter) approximately equal to the nominal amount. In this case, when no exact match to the nominal amount of the existing standard thickness, standard nominal diameters and dimensions continue to operate as a single "standard". Permissible dimensional deviations depend on the manufacturing technology of the product and must be specified in its specification.


When determining the wall thickness required of the pipe ASME / ASTM / API, the design of pipelines and products from it, is determined by the conditions of the forthcoming operation. First of all, it refers to the ability to operate in conditions of high internal pressure prescribed by existing standards.


Are the products used in the construction of pipelines and pipeline systems in the oil and gas industry, appropriate reinforcement, in the form of valves, elbows, flange, and various tanks and boilers under conditions of high pressure and low or high temperatures.

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