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Steel rails and fasteners

Steel rails and fasteners

Move along the rails of trains, trams and cranes. Speed, their carrying capacity is constantly increasing. High-quality steel rails and fittings – the safety of rail traffic. These products have strict quality requirements. They should be:

  • durable;
  • durable;
  • solid;
  • does not deform when the temperature changes.


Metal – steel rails and fasteners


The metal with intricate geometric cut, as steel rails, considered shaped. Such products are operated under conditions of high stress.


  • rails should withstand the load of the train.
  • the Tram rails are able to withstand the movement of the tram.
  • Special for tower cranes.
  • Rail fasteners - compliance with the European standard.


Smelting metal to metal rail, tram, crane rails are produced in a Converter or electric arc furnaces. Metal rail withstand the load in the stroke cyclic. Brands to include:


  • Steel deoxidized with ferrosilicon or ferromanganese.
  • Steel, in which there are deoxidizers based on aluminum.

Metal or reinforced concrete beam used for mounting rails, sleeper and poluchala pressed against him. Additionally used a elastic strip, in accordance with European standards.

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