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Pile With Larssen Locks



A pile with Larssen locks are called metal shapes with zheloboobraznogo profile, with the edges of the grooves or locks, to interconnect.

Product features

Pile of metal can be made with a cross profile U-, Z-, S-, L - and Ω-shaped. The last option is available in shallow or deep trough.

Locks connections are made in the form of Latin letters U, S or z

Piles with Larssen locks are produced from carbon steel grades St3ps st3sp and, S270, S355

Available in a pile with Larssen locks the price and the possibility of its reusable, makes the product highly demanded.

Region and methods of use

Can pile to buy for strengthening the coastline of different reservoirs, artificial embankments prevent the movement of soil in the working area at the site, collapses and flooding of the slopes of the notches and so on.

Installation, castle to castle, can be performed on a single pile or a section of 3-7 products.

Vertical immersion piles into the ground is performed by means of a vibratory hammer, pile-driver, pile driving by dynamic and by static indentation.

Product length, and therefore depth, can reach 34 meters.