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Steel beams

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Metal beams are steel products of high strength in the form of a bar. This design is a very important material in construction. Steel beam used in the construction of residential, domestic and industrial buildings, bridges, towers.

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Metal beams are classified according to different technical indicators:

- arrangement of faces;

- purpose;

- manufacturing technology;

the thickness of the shelves;

the thickness of the walls.

There are beams, in which the shelves are arranged in parallel with bias without bias. They are divided into h sections, narrow shelf, and the normal column. The form of a beam, you can determine seeing on the shelves labeled with corresponding standards and norms of GOST, "sh", "U", "B", "K". The dimensions of the beams are on average from 4 mm to 12 m.

Beams are manufactured in two ways: rolling and welding. Types of production beams: hot-rolled steel and welded beams. I-beam is a beam, whose name comes from the type of production beams. Price of the beam will depend on what method was chosen for the manufacture of products. Producers of beams in the manufacture guided by the GOST, due to which the quality remains the same.

Rolling method in production is the rolling of hot metal to the desired size and shape. Welding system in production runs on a dedicated machine for thermal cutting, the cutting of steel into strips of the appropriate size. After these processes, comes the next stage, it is the same for the two types of production - drilling of holes, cleaning and painting.


advantages of USING I-BEAMS

 I beam has the following benefits:

- reducing the load;

- efficiency;

- not heavy, has a light weight;

- easy and intuitive mounting technology;

- quick and easy mounting with the use of welding apparatus;

- resistance to all types of deformation (compression, bending)

- resistant to weathering, temperature changes;

- transportability;

- accurate dimensions and shape;

- high quality and reliability.


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