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Steel hexagon

Hexagon steel

    a Bar having a cross section in the shape of a hexagon called hexagon steel. A variety of fasteners high precision, which are made from this metal is in demand in the engineering, mining, furniture manufacture.

    In the construction market, it is a widely used material, which has a significant share in total output (the load-bearing components of the objects, frames, decorative metal fencing of any design complexity)



    to Buy steel hexagon bar, as from a single product in retail and wholesale lots of any weight. The provider offers table range of products, where the encoding parameters of the rod. The marking takes into account the type, length, composition, treatment option, precision rolling, curvature, chemical composition, caliber. The size is determined by the diameter of the inscribed circle. Standard size 8-100 mm, calibrated -3-100 mm, rod hexagonal cross-section with a special finish to 250 mm.

    Accordingly, the price of hexagon steel different. So hire without scale is not affected by corrosion, which have a great impact on the strength, provide long-term storage and durability. The cost of such products will be higher.


●      uncalibrated and calibrated according to the type of heat treatment

●      high-quality, high-quality and high-quality that depends on the content of non-ferrous metals fractions (chromium, Nickel, copper)

●      as material (heat-resistant and special tool steel)

●      the quality of the material

●      the classification of the curvature of bars (two classes)

●      along the length

●      depending on the chemical composition


purpose of the hexagon makes demands on its quality.

Characteristics of products:

●      guarantee long life

●      hardy to mechanical damage

●      immune to acid

●      easy to weld

●      able to endure high temperature and their differences

●      resistant to moisture, will not rust

●      affordable


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