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Steel square

Square steel, the price of which is determined by the type and variety of the product is quite popular form of long products. Modern industry needs parts of high strength and reliability, to ensure that these parameters of products makes use of profiled steel products with a cross section in the form of a square.

Steel square that costs our company is one of the most affordable on the market, presented in the most wide range. This allows you to quickly choose the option for any operating conditions. Rentals of this type are presented in various sizes-dimensional and random lengths, different cross-section. It is convenient for storage and transportation, which simplifies the use of the steel square.

Options rental

Steel squares can be distinguished by method of hire:

·        hot Rolled.

Involves the use of steel with different levels of doping, as well as carbon steel. Bar length ranges from 1.5 to 12 m, the range of sections from 6 to 200 mm. hot-rolled steel is the most common in construction.

·        Cold drawn.

Used secondary treatment of steel which you can get better quality and smooth surface. In this method, the steel has a wider range of applications (including in hostile environments). It can be used at maximum pressure and temperature in medical or food industry. The cross section of the hire of this type from 3 to 100 mm.

You have the option of a steel square to purchase a different accuracy classes. Classes depend on the size of the cross section and the correctness of the geometry of the surface:

·        High accuracy – class B.

Allowed curvature of bars not more than 0.5% of their length. Face width up to 25 mm with a maximum deviation from nominal value not more than 0.4%. Hire this class is used for the production of parts and constructions of simple forms.

Standard accuracy is class B.

The curvature of bars does not exceed 0.5% of the length. Rental of this type is used for the production of shaped products.

Square steel can be bought from alloys of a certain brand depends on the maximum length of the rod:

·        steel high-alloying – rolling a length of 1-6 meters;

·        medium alloy or carbon steel – 2-6 m;

·        steel with a low doping level – 2-12 meters.

Please note that the steel profile square random length with a cross section up to 14 mm is usually offered by weight and sold in irregularly wound coils. This allows to significantly optimize warehousing and transport costs.

Steel square – key benefits

Metal of this type has advantages of its all-metal structure with a cross section in the form of a square allows you to:

·        to ensure the maximum exploitation of the finished products in the harshest conditions;

·        to ensure the connection of the individual rods with maximum precision;

·        to ensure the corrosion resistance (in case of using stainless steel alloys);

·        to simplify storage and transportation with the right form.

The steel square is offered in the widest assortment, it is a universal type of metal, demand for which in our country is growing every year. If you need to pick up this kind of hire, the specialists of our company will always provide necessary technical support. We will answer any questions and advise on parameters of the product. We will help you to decide in the light of future operating conditions.

Scope square rental

All metal steel square dimensional and random lengths of different sections finds the most widely used in modern industry, manufacturing, construction. It is used:

·        in the construction of residential or industrial use (balconies, ladders, stairs, etc.);

·        when creating elements of interior design (decorative items, stainless steel items for decoration, etc.);

·        in the regeneration of the surrounding area (pavilions and terraces, barbecue areas, stairs, fences, gates);

·        in the production of cars in the automotive industry, in shipbuilding and in the construction of hangars.

Square bars used in the construction, repair and restoration of railway tracks. It is used as a securing element that can be readily riveted, welded or cut threads. Steel square is used as a preliminary template for the production of various cutting tools, hardware and so on.

In addition, it is used as a supporting element for constructions that are used in particularly aggressive environments at elevated pressure and temperature. A variety of geometric dimensions and high precision of execution allows you to choose the best rental options to meet your goals and objectives.