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Steel circle

Circle of steel Lap steel is a steel of a diameter from 5 to 270 mm, without recesses and voids with circular cross-section. The closest competitors of this type of rebar and wire rod, the only achievement of which is lower cost. In other characteristics except for price, steel round superior to their opponents. Benefits The most accurate, caliber, circular cold-rolled steel. It is used in the production of galvanized round. This is followed by HR and the range is made by a forging process. Regardless of the method of issue, buy a steel ring means to the product: ● durability and perfect surface ● resistance to corrosion and temperature changes ● possible up to a diameter of 40 mm ● accuracy in section ● the level of flexibility that allows you to get back in shape after bending For metalwork, this is a unique connecting link quick and good build. Transportation of scrap metal with no problems. Tightly Packed in packages of rounds, allow to compactly place them in transport. One such kit can weigh from several kilograms to several tons. Assortment according to GOST Create rolled seamless tubes is regulated by GOST and classified by groups: 1. The accuracy of rolling (especially high-AO, high-A, high-B, At). 2. Length, which depends on the steel material (dimensional, random dimensional) 3. Limit deviation of the size 4. The curvature of the (four classes of markings) Diameter 9 mm border is size that defines the form contents: ● less than 9 mm is sold in rolls ● over - bars When there is matching the buyer with the manufacturer, are allowed. special conditions of delivery. The restriction is set from 3 to 13 m in off-gage length of the bar. supply and Demand Calibrated round steel demand in the lines forming and high-tech machines. Forged round steel used in the manufacture of parts and tools in wood. Hot rolled round bars popular in the market of construction materials and in production. Plasticity and the ability to use manual welding, made him indispensable in the everyday structures of Ukraine. Increased demand for products of round rolled metal in design projects. To be more attractive and to provide protection from rust, apply a circle with a zinc coating. Our Company has deals across the range of products round steel. Delivery in Kiev is possible in any part of the country. Experts ready to provide professional advice on customer's request.

Where can I order a stainless steel ring?

"A Synthesis" is a large advanced companies in the field of trafficking in metallurgy. For 8 years they trusted popular metals producers, as ascertained fruitful and effective work. The main priority is of excellent quality metal and special alloy, non-ferrous metal.

The manufacturer offers all the benefits of a reliable, efficient and competent service, which is "A Synthesis" created over a long experience. Thanks to the experience and practicality, reliability, competence, a huge number of partners and providers here cater almost all the needs individually of regular customers.

In the company care about excellent quality and fast delivery at an affordable cost of production in any area.

The advantages of applying the company "A-Synthesis"

Directory of steel circles of "A-Synthesis" includes a plurality of sheet metal products for a variety of areas. The range includes everything you need. Work with the company gives all the advantages:

  1. Reliability – you will be guaranteed long lasting beneficial work.

  2. Practicality – from the manufacturer can be ordered in in time and profitable.

  3. Quality – the experience and expertise of the company enables to be confident in any product.

The choice is really vast and varied, from which everyone can make a decent choice.

The steel circle is a type of long steel, which has a cross section in the form of a circle, produce hot and cold pocetkom, forging. As a starting material for hot rolling is applied, the casting or forging made of "black" carbon, low alloy, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys on their basis. Semi-finished product for cold deformirovanii is hot rolled or forged products.

How is the delivery of purchased goods?

Consider the main methods of delivery in "As-Synthesis":

  • Using the services of transport companies.

You can get your own order in any of the offices of the transport company: • New Mail • In Time • The midnight Express • SAT Delivery of goods is carried out at the Department of transport companies or courier to the marked address. The price of shipping is calculated automatically during checkout.

  • Associated modes of transport.

If you have already placed your order and delivery is possible on the condition of self-delivery the Buyer picks up additional orders of their own associated types of transport.

  • Self.

Shipment on terms of self delivery is made from warehouse of the company A-Synthesis, its transport to the Buyer. The goods on our order will be ready for collection within 4 hours if there are in the company of a sufficient amount of goods. The benchmark that the order may be issued – SMS-notification.

Where there is a steel ring?

Steel circle is used in almost all manufacturing sectors, but many see it only when it is used for the production of fences and lattices. This kind of metal is mainly required for harvesting, which are made of various elements and components of machinery and equipment (vehicle, healthcare, in the field of leisure) and many more of all studs, nuts and bolts to shafts and gears of the motors, transmission. To circle could be used for any use case, it is made of several types and more than 2 types of Standards and other normative documents.

The use of a steel circle, is in the construction field, and in everyday life. These circles today has become rather widespread. Besides their constant use in the aerospace industry. It is necessary to add that the cost of steel circle depends on the size, is a universal solution that is why it is used almost in all spheres.

Steel circles from each other are different compositions of steel from which they are made, as they are divided on the accuracy of rentals. Accuracy be normal or elevated.

The metal wheels made of steel 3 is the most popular options. They are used in many industries, however, the most main is the construction area. They are indispensable for the production of railings, column rebars and steel structures, as they are used to armirovanye. In industry, they are used for Fax machines or stankostroenie. They are quite comfortable using their plasticity and easy manual way to cook. With this, you can in the shortest time, collecting various designs of metal where the circles of steel, are the main associated regions. These circles are very constantly used in order to create wrought iron fences, and most other household structures, including a hanger or stand.

Steel wheels made from low alloy steels, used in the same field as other varieties of steel, however due to the fact that their composition of the added alloying detail, ego you can apply in the North, which is a little harsh conditions of nature. These circles, constantly, to perform the grounding of the pipeline. In order to extend the duration of the application, and also to raise the reliability of ground connections, it is recommended to use galvanized circles.

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