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Steel wire

In this section of our catalogue you can find and buy the steel wire is a sought – after type of modern industrial metal. Like other products of the steel industry, the steel wire is produced in accordance with existing regulations and standards of GOST and DSTU. Is a springy metal with a spiral structure.

The price of steel wire is largely determined by its weight and size indicators, as well as the type and brand of main material of manufacture. Options alloy heat-resistant steel housing is the most expensive cost, but their scope is much higher and performance parameters (strength, reliability, corrosion resistance).

Shape and dimensions

The steel wire that we offer are available in 0.3 to 6 millimeters. Please note that in addition to the traditional round cross-section used in the production of other options. Accordingly, the wire:

·        round;

·        oval;

·        square;

·        hexagonal;

·        trapezoidal cross-section.

The price of the wire in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities, largely depends on these indicators.

Classification of products

Steel wire classified by such parameters and characteristics, such as:

·        Method of manufacture.

Products is cold drawn or obtained by heat treatment.

·        Precision manufacturing.

Secreted products of normal and high precision.

·        processing Method.

You can buy the steel wire either bright blue, which is the most popular.

·        Physical properties.

In this case, takes into account the plasticity of the product, which may be first or second class. For example, a stainless spring wire has significant stiffness and belongs to the second class.

Wire, steel – properties and applications

Made of stainless steel wire is more resistant to deformation and elongation than products made of ordinary steel. It is practically not subject to corrosion and influence of aggressive media. In addition, products with a high content of vanadium, silicon, copper, Nickel, chromium and molybdenum, has a high heat resistance. All this explains the durability of stainless steel wire and causes the field of its application.

The range of products is quite wide. So, today, production of so-called welding wire, which is used only for semi-automatic and automatic welding. However, using stainless welding wire, it is possible to obtain absolutely clean weld which has no parasitic inclusions and harmful toxins, and the seam withstands oxidation and other aggressive influences. Stainless steel wire for semi-automatic machine is implemented, wound on a special drum.

In the manufacture of springs used, fully justifying its name, wire is stainless spring, eye-catching low plasticity and substantial rigidity. Wire stainless food makes a variety of filters used in the food industry. In addition, this wire is great for part of hives in the apiary.

Also, metalloizdelie widely used in weaving ropes and ropes for the production of mesh-netting. In the energy sector wire required for the manufacturing of various conductive structures.

The range and implementation

Products of different diameters and cross-sections, hardness, food, spring, stainless steel wire for semi-automatic machine at the most affordable price widely presented in our catalogue and can be supplied in any required volumes. Depending on the purpose and special features, implemented in the bays, boxes or coils.