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Steel tape and wire

Steel tape and wire

Tape and steel wire are in demand of metal products. Can be used as a standalone product or be the basis for the manufacture of other structures. Wire indispensable in many construction works, we can say that it is a universal raw material. Manufactured on special policitally mills of wire rod. By itself, the manufacturing process is costly, in the end, the products are affordable price, which only increases the demand. The wire may be of several types: spring-based, low-carbon, tin-plated cable, cable car.

Steel tape is also used in many industries. Can have a different width, thickness and length of the — dimensional random multiples. According to the method of rolling emit hot-rolled and cold-rolled strip. This material appears to be greater strength, resistance to external influences, versatility and possibility of long operation. The cost of material is low, so is used in many fields of construction and industry.

The metal should have certain characteristics, which are manufactured exclusively according to the established standards.

Where to buy steel tape and wire?

Items should strictly comply with the GOST, then buy quality products is sometimes difficult. If you need a really high-quality and reliable metal products, we recommend you to contact our company. We offer our clients high quality steel products, which meets all requirements and standards, has the desired technical characteristics. The cost of steel wire and tape in our company is at an acceptable price level and available to all buyers.

Of the benefits of contacting us are the following facts:

  • the continued availability of goods;
  • availability of special grades of metal, which are not produced in Ukraine;
  • supply and processing of products according to European requirements;
  • quality and reliability;
  • reasonable prices;
  • shipment to any region;
  • payment convenient way for the customer.

Turning to us, you can be sure that you buy really quality product at a reasonable price. We give all necessary guarantees, because confident in the quality of their products and compliance with all requirements.