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AISI 316l / EN 1.4404 stainless steel

Steel AISI 316L / EN 1.4404 / 03KH17N14M3

Stainless steel AISI 316L is one of the most sought after in the industry and the national economy. The alloy has a fairly balanced composition, which includes Nickel, molybdenum, manganese and chromium supplements. Low-carbon steel with high durability and wear resistance. Features Included in the steel components provide excellent working performance alloy. Stainless steel, the price of which in our company are more than affordable, considered one of the most resistant to any aggressive environmental influences. Steel is its corrosion resistance, resisting all types of corrosion. Molybdenum, which is part of, helps to resist the effects of salt and acetic environments. The integrity of the structure of the alloy is maintained in a wide temperature range, which allows its use in any climatic conditions. Use High quality stainless steel metal alloy AISI 316L is used in such industries as: • architecture and construction; • food and medical industry; • mechanical engineering and shipbuilding; • automotive industry. Steel provides sufficient flexibility and plasticity, easy to process. It is made of all kinds of pipelines and block valve sheets and metal profiles.

Chemical composition steel 1.4404

With Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo N Fe 
<0,03     <1,0        <2,0         <0,045        <0,015        16,5 - 18,5        of 10.0 to 13.0          2.0 to 2.5       <0,11     The rest

Mechanical properties of the material 1.4404

Yield strength, min., ReH, MPa


Tensile strength (ultimate strength), min, Rm, MPa

490 - 690

Elongation, min, %

Longitudinal samples


Transverse samples


Job blow KV at 20°C, min., j

Longitudinal samples


Transverse samples


Job blow KV at -196°C [-320°F ], min, J.

Transverse samples




Forms of delivery of products from steel AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Round AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Diameter: 6 – 500mm

Sheet  AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Thickness: 0.5 mm – 100mm

Pipe  AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

-Hot rolled round pipe with a diameter from 38 to 244.5 mm, thickness from 3 to 25 mm

-Cold-drawn round tube

diameter from 6 to of 219.1 mm

with a thickness of 0.9 to 14.2 mm

Hexagon  AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Diameter: 17-65mm

Stripe  AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Thickness: 5-50mm ; Width: 50-250mm

Square AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Size: 10-80mm

Area stainless steel AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Size: 10х10х2мм to 150х150х15мм

Stainless  semicircle AISI 316L / EN 1.4404

Size: from 10mm to 50mm