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AISI 304 / EN 1.4301 stainless steel

Steel AISI 304 / 1.4301 / 08X18H10

Alloy steel AISI-304 relates to an austenitic non-magnetic type with low carbon content (up to 0,08% mass fraction). This type of alloy is quite a good density and strength. Remains plastic over a wide range of temperatures, which facilitates machining and welding. Resistant to corrosion of all types (surface, crevice and pitting).

Features steel AISI 304

The alloy has a similar chemical composition, which allows to preserve the internal structure of the steel even in cases of violation or destruction of the top layer. The surface of steel in contact with air forms a protective film of oxide that protects against acid and alkaline influences.


High quality stainless steel aisi 304, which is offered by our company has the widest range of applications. Steel is made:

·        containers, reservoirs, tanks for storage;

·        pipelines for the distillation of the transportation product (oil, gas, acid, wine, food);

·        the equipment for medical and pharmacological industry;

·        elements of design (steel perfectly amenable to polishing);

·        components of sanitary ware (towel, battery);

·        bar and so on.

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Chemical composition of steel, 1.4301







the Mechanical properties of the material 1.4301




Tensile strength Rm, MRA



The yield strength Rp0. 2, MPa



Elongation, min.



Hardness, HB




Form of delivery of steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301 / 08X18H10

Stainless steel bar AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Diameter: 6 – 500mm

Stainless steel sheet  AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Thickness: 0.5 mm – 100mm

Stainless steel pipe  AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

-Hot rolled round pipe with a diameter from 38 to 244.5 mm, thickness from 3 to 25 mm

-Cold-drawn round tube

diameter from 6 to of 219.1 mm

with a thickness of 0.9 to 14.2 mm

Stainless steel hexagon  AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Diameter: 17-65mm

Stainless steel strip  AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Thickness: 5-50mm ; Width: 50-250mm

Square stainless steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Size: 10-80mm

Area stainless steel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Size: 10-10mm :180-180mm

Stainless steel channel AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Size: 10-20-3,5 mm : 100-200-10mm

Stainless steel T-profile in AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Size: 20-20-3mm : 120-120-13mm

Stainless steel beam AISI 304 / EN 1.4301

Beam HEA/HEB , IPE Beam