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AISI 321 / EN 1.4541 stainless steel

Steel AISI 321 / EN 1.4541 / 08KH18N10T

Corrosion resistant steel AISI 321 contains in its composition chromium and Nickel additives and titanium. Refers to the type of psacalium austenitic alloys are non-magnetic species. Domestic analogue GOST - 08kh18n10t. Features Heat-resistant steel is annealed at temperatures up to 1200 °C. After annealing requires rapid cooling (water, oil). Procedure otoczenia are in the range from 450 to 800 °C, it is necessary to monitor the appearance of the first signs microleasing corrosion processes. Forging starts at a maximum temperature of 1200 °C and ends at 940 °C. it is necessary to follow a gradual temperature decrease (not sharp) to ensure a uniform carbon distribution in the mass of the ingot. AISI 321 steel, the price of which in our company is very affordable. Its weldability is somewhat worse than that of counterparts, due to the presence in the composition of the titanium alloy. Use This alloy is highly demanded in the industry because it produces elements of welded equipment, heat exchangers, chimneys, electrode automotive spark plugs. In addition, steel demand in such industries as: • chemical industry; • food and medical industry; • Aeronautics; • automotive; • shipbuilding and so on. To buy steel at the most affordable cost in our catalog.

Chemical composition of steel 1.4541





 to    to 0.08  


     of 9.0 to 12.0     



the Mechanical properties of the material 1.4541




Tensile strength Rm, MRA



The yield strength Rp0. 2, MPa



Elongation, min.



Hardness, HB





Forms of delivery of products from steel AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Round AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Diameter: 6 – 500mm

Sheet  AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Thickness: 0.5 mm – 100mm

Pipe  AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

-Hot rolled round pipe with a diameter from 38 to 244.5 mm, thickness from 3 to 25 mm

-Cold-drawn round tube

diameter from 6 to of 219.1 mm

with a thickness of 0.9 to 14.2 mm

Hexagon  AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Diameter: 17-65mm

Stripe  AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Thickness: 5-50mm ; Width: 50-250mm

Square AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Size: 10-80mm

Area stainless steel AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Size: 10х10х2мм to 150х150х15мм

Stainless steel channel AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Size: 10х20х3,5х3мм to 100х200х10х10мм

Stainless steel T-profile AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Size: 20х20х3мм to 120х120х13мм

Beam stainless steel AISI 321 / EN 1.4541

Beams, HEA/HEB, IPE steel I-Beams