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Stainless steel

Нержавеющая сталь

Stainless steel

Stainless steel, buy Ukraine and other countries which can by too "Arosa-Synthesis" provides in combination

For the first time, high strength stainless steel were produced over a century ago, at the same time, oddly enough, in construction and architecture, for example, began to use actively only in the last couple of decades.

What is a any stainless steel? It is an iron alloy doped with chromium as the main additive, but also molybdenum, Nickel, manganese and other elements. Chromium content in different types of stainless steel can reach 12-20%. This element provides the material resistance to corrosion, because the chromium steel is called "stainless".

Why stainless steel is so relevant in our time, and what benefits it provides? Experts note the following advantages of such alloys:

·        Maximum service life of stainless steel structures, which reach 50-60 years.

·        Minimum care and maintenance during the maintenance period.

·        Reliability, durability, vandal-resistance.

·        aesthetic appearance, allowing to use the material for exterior and interior solutions in hotels, hotels, shopping centers, clubs, elevators, pools and so on.

·        heat-Resistant stainless steels are the most resistant to fires and explosions.

·        Material conforms to the norms of sanitary and hygiene, which predetermines its use in medicine and food industry.

·        requires No additional surface protection (coatings, paints, etc.).

·        100% recycling.

·        Easy to machining, welding all types of equipment.

·        the Opportunity to bring to life any fantasy of the architect or sculptor.

·        Perfect compatibility with the most common construction materials – stone, brick, wood, glass, concrete.

Stainless steel design is able to transform and give new life to old buildings. With stainless steel you will be able to implement any decisions.

The variety of material

For such material as stainless steel, prices are largely determined by variety and type. In our catalogue you can find and choose such types of steel as:

·        austenitic steel;

·        ferritic steel;

·        ferro-austenitic steel;

·        martensitic steel.

Austenitic stainless steel is the most common on the market. It includes about 7% Nickel, which allows to provide high ductility of the material. Alloys of this type are non-magnetic, they are easy processing, ability to use any welding, reliability and durability in operation.

Buy stainless steel ferritic-type means to obtain material with the highest content of chromium. This enables to prevent the development of corrosion processes. The alloys with 12% chromium content are used mainly in construction, and 17% - in the interiors, in the production of household appliances.

Duplex variation also known as duplex steel. Combines qualities of the two previous types, used in petrochemical industry, pulp and paper manufacturing, in shipbuilding.

A material such as martensitic stainless steel, it is worth to buy for those looking for the best ratio of price and quality. Here is the perfect combination of strength and durability and resistance to corrosion process. The composition of the alloy is about 12-13% chromium.

The sphere of use

Stainless steel, brand which may be different (depending on the dopants) can be used to solve a wide range of tasks. The basic direction associated with corrosion resistance as ordinary climatic conditions and aggressive production environments.

When choosing a particular kind of material, you should consider its resistance not only to moisture, but also to acid and alkaline environments, for example, and also to sea water with high salt content.

Stainless steel to order, which is characterized by resistance to okalani needed for the electrical needs. This alloy in addition has a significant electrical resistance, and its cost is comparable to a conventional iron.

Heat-resistant materials are the main components parts of ships, aircraft, missiles. Of them produce the engines, turbines, motors maximum power. Ferritic steel demand in the food industry as it satisfies the most stringent hygienic requirements. Also, this species is used for the production of medical instruments.

A wide selection of products always available to our clients who can count on free consultation and help in choosing. We always have the most affordable prices and prompt delivery to any region of Ukraine.

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