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Stainless and heat resisting steels

Stainless and heat resisting steels

Stainless steel (stainless steel) – alloy steel with chromium, it is resistant to some corrosive environments. It is applied for manufacture of household items – kitchen utensils, Cutlery, dishes, tables, coins, and for the production of parts for automobile and engineering industries.


Stainless steel is divided into three large groups:

  • corrosion;
  • heat-resisting;
  • temperature.

Corrosion stainless steel is characterized by a content of molybdenum and copper in its composition, which allows for much longer this material to resist corrosion. Characteristics of this steel can be the following: when using metal in conditions that do not subject to strong loads, the amount of chromium in the alloy may be not more than 5%, and when used in conditions of high loads – up to 12%. Used today mostly in engineering, at least the material used in construction, food and chemical industries.

Heat-resistant stainless steel has a high degree of heat resistance, ie it is resistant to corrosion at high temperatures (over 550 °C), while in the aggressive environments. The main brands are 15KH25T, 15KH28, 40KH10S2M, 20Х23Н13, 10Х23Н18, 20KH25N20S2.

Heat-resistant stainless steel (garorock) are all good indicators of mechanical strength to use it at high temperatures. Used mainly in mechanical engineering, but lately, used in construction, chemical and food industries, as well as in the electricity industry. So, bearings, valves, combustion chambers, fasteners, parts of compressor units and more is made from garorock. The main brands are 12H13, 14KH17N2, 20X13, 20H23N18, 12X18H10T (AISI 321), 40X13, 08KH13.

How profitable to buy stainless steel?

Our company "A Synthesis" supplies to Ukraine and European special steels that are not produced in our country. All products ordered from us, is produced exclusively in factories that have passed licensing. The cost of stainless steel from European producers may vary depending on the steel grade and manufacturer, full details can be obtained from our consultants on the phone.

Stainless steel custom-made, purchased through our company, it will be accompanied by the relevant documents confirming the quality of the material, in addition to the benefits of our company are:

  • ability to deliver products to any corner of the country;
  • the agreement on cooperation with major European steel companies;
  • flexible payment terms;
  • the possibility of delivery any steel products and alloys.