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Precision tubes

Прецизионные трубы

Precision tubes

Production of precision steel pipes requires special equipment and experience , because in this region the production of the minimum allowed deviation of the size of the products.

In this section of our catalog presents a wide range of this common type of rental, such as steel pipe precision. These products are manufactured under special conditions in a strictly defined technology as the finished products must meet the strict geometric dimensions.

We offer precision tubes in Kiev at the most affordable cost. Experts are always ready to answer any questions you have and advise you absolutely free of charge. In the presence of any amount of precision products from a warehouse and under the order.

Product features

Precision tube is a modern type of metal with high precision. For its production need not only the most modern equipment, but also expertise. Here are not allowed even the most minimal deviations from the norm – otherwise the product is considered defective.

Precision tubes of stainless high-strength steel is consistently high accuracy of the diameter of the products (internal and external). This is possible only in case of precise predetermined wall thickness tubular steel.

The finished product has no signs of "ovality", and the deviations from straightness over the entire length are tenths of a percent. Such requirements ensure the accuracy and tightness of the joints particularly demanding structures.

This allows us to satisfy any requirements of industry and production to ensure smooth and efficient operation of all pipelines and utility systems.

The company "Arosa-Synthesis" offers precision tubes to buy at the most affordable cost. This product is made by seamless technology and the relevant standard EN 10305-1. Also you can pick up this product as welded pipe, precision dimensional and random lengths, which corresponds to standard EN 10305-2.

Scope of application

The precision pipe in such a way that the range will always help you with experienced specialists of our company, has broad applications in modern industrial manufacturing, construction, energy and other areas.

We offer:

·        high quality precision pipe, stainless high-temperature steel for the Assembly of hydraulic and pneumatic systems;

·        precision pipes HPZ for the manufacture of precision cylinders;

·        pipe metal high precision with perfectly flat and smooth working surface;

·        pipe products for the manufacture of rods, and for the production of telescopic cylinders type (type of pipe HPK);

·        ready for installation cylinder precision tube, having completely processed a smooth working surface (type HP);

·        high precision rolled seamless type for use in lines summing pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems;

·        pipe, precision steel, ready to be processed (tube, drawn, polished type HAB and FCS);

·        high precision pipe rolling equipment for gas steam boilers and other pieces of equipment.

Why choose our offer

Our company has always followed closely the quality of any product from the catalog. All samples of products, including precision tubes meet the most stringent standards and GOST standards. It is watched strictly by its own control Department.

The undoubted benefits of working with our company include:

·        opportunity to purchase a precision pipe of high-temperature for various needs at the best price in any required quantities.

·        We are working with constant and reliable suppliers, which eliminates the possibility of marriage and delays in supply of products.

·        a Wide range of products gives the opportunity to buy wholesale and retail precision metal products of the required type and required size.

We guarantee various payment options and provide delivery of products to any city of Ukraine within the agreed time and in the right amounts. Look forward to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with potential domestic and foreign partners.