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Precision steel tape

Прецизионная стальная лента

Precision steel tape

Precision steel tape

 the metal Strip is steel sheet, the width of which reaches 500 mm.

Today the band is one of the durable products of steel.


I share two methods of production of the tape:

- hot-rolled;

- cold-rolled.


Tapes are classified into the following types:

- cold-rolled strips of low carbon steel;

tape cold-rolled carbon structural steel;

tape cold-rolled spring and tool steel;

- cold-rolled steel strip with the use of heat treatment;

tape, designed for packaging;

- cold-rolled steel strip from precision alloys.

Precision steel tape is a kind of metal used as an element that strengthens any construction, in the form of a thin and long strip manufactured from high alloy.



Precision steel tape is used in the following industries:

- in the chemical industry;

- nuclear energy;

- in the laboratories of chemistry and physics;

- in engineering;

- in instrument;

- in the manufacture of magnetic cores.

Precision steel parts with high electric resistance, pipes and so on.



 it Should be noted that precision steel had a number of advantages of using:

heat - resistant properties of the tape;

- resistance to corrosion because of its stainless properties.

- flexibility;

- high strength

- resistance to weather conditions, chemical and thermal mechanical effects;

- material of precision alloys with the exact specified temperature coefficient of linear expansion (CTE) must be manufactured in accordance with GOST standards.

There are several types of precision alloy:

- with high electrical resistance;

component of thermobimetals;

- with specified CTE;

- with elastic elements;

- magnetic solid;

- magnetically soft;



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