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Coated steel

Galvanized steel sheet is a kind of metal that is applied in a large number of industries, from construction to agriculture. For the manufacture of commonly used blanks, produced by cold rolled method, less commonly used hot rolled material with etching. The steel substrate is treated by galvanizing, which creates a barrier and electrochemical protection of metal from rust. In our company you can buy galvanized steel in coils and sheets at a very low price with delivery to Ukraine. Scope and benefits of galvanized steel Such products are used for the manufacture of a variety of materials, including corrugated Board, metal, profile and drainage pipes. Of a metal doing additional elements, parts for cars, dishes, accessories, industrial design. Galvanized steel finds application in food, oil and gas, aerospace, chemical industry, shipbuilding, agriculture and other fields. The advantages include the following properties:
  • Ease of processing: the material can be pulled, to roll, to bend, to cut.
  • The ability to process steel parts with a zinc layer by means of soldering.
  • The resistance to corrosive chemicals, constant contact with water.
  • The possibility of exploitation of the products at temperatures up to +70 degrees Celsius.
Sizes materials reglamentary GOST R 52246-2016. In accordance with the standard width of the coils varies from 50 to 180 cm, sheet 70 to 180, and the thickness taking into account the zinc coating should range from 0.3 to 4.5 mm. Price of galvanized steel sheet The cost of this hire depends on several factors:
  • Form release, in sheets or rolls.
  • Size (width, length).
  • Thickness of the base and the zinc layer.
  • Type of coating (zinc, aluminium-zinc plated, zhelezotsinkovogo or zincaluminum).
  • Purchased a number of products
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