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Boiler steel pipe

Steel pipes boilers represent a popular type of modern industrial metal. Based on the title, you might think that the main field of their application is connected with a boiler, however, it is not so.

Such variations of products constructed from high-strength heat-resistant steel and designed for the most severe operating conditions. Higher temperature and pressure, maximum humidity, aggressiveness of the atmosphere - steel boiler pipes no problem "survive" this "set".

As a result, they find a much wider range of use:

·        main oil pipelines;

·        gas pipelines of high bandwidth.

·        boilers;

·        modern steam and gas installations on ships and so on.

Of course, first and foremost, buy steel pipe boiler may need to solve problems and tasks of boilers operating in industrial and residential sectors. These plants and piping systems are operated under harsh conditions, often in the service life of tubes is decades.

Updating existing elements is required – this depends not only the safety of using the boiler, but also the continuity of their work in the winter, for example.

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Pipe steel boiler – best price, excellent quality

Constantly in the presence of boiler tubes that meet the most stringent norms and standards GOST, DSTU and the. Products are techniques and production method, based on which pipe can be manufactured by technology:

·        hot deformation;

·        warm deformation;

·        cold deformation.

Manufacture boiler steel pipes is governed by 14-3-190 TU, TU 14-3-460-2004 and TU 14-3R-55-2001. For the manufacture of boiler tubes using billet steel of various grades. To enhance the properties of the finished product used alloying chromium, molybdenum, Nickel, tungsten and so on. The size of the finished pipes can be dimensional and random, diameter is individually based areas for future use.

Application and features of boiler tubes

As noted above, boiler tubes applied in boiler. They are in demand in the oil and gas industry, manufacturing machinery and in shipbuilding. Equipment of thermal power plants also requires high-quality high-pressure pipes.

Compared with conventional pipes of this type of products higher requirements. In particular, it concerns the quality of the inner surface of the pipe, which should be perfectly smooth. In addition, the pipe must go through the process of heat treatment.

Product Units Quantity

Steel boiler tubes P265GH TC2, EN 10216-2

Материал: P265GH TC2 / ст20К
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler pipes 1.4903, EN 10216-2

Материал: 1.4903 / 10Х9МФБ
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler tubes 1.7380, EN 10216-2

Материал: 1.7380 / 10Х2М
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler pipes 1.7715, EN 10216-2

Материал: 1.7715 / 12Х1МФ
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler tubes 1.7335, EN 10216-2

Материал: 1.7335 / 15ХМ
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Boiler steel pipes 16Mo3, EN 10216-2

Материал: 16Mo3 / 15М
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler pipes P265GH TC1, EN 10216-2

Материал: P265GH TC1 / ст20К
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler pipes P235GH TC2, EN 10216-2

Материал: P235GH TC2 / ст12К
Стандарт: EN 10216-2

Steel boiler pipes P235GH TC1, EN 10216-2

Материал: P235GH TC1 / ст12K
Стандарт: EN 10216-2