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Honed tubes for cylinders

Хонингованные трубы для цилиндров

Honed tubes for cylinders

Hot - and cold-rolled honigova tubes for cylinders are manufactured in full compliance for these products to European standards.

Products name due to the method used abrasive machining, with special head, hon.

Special properties

Welded and seamless products are high precision products made with the highest possible level of accuracy of external and internal diameters, with strict regulation of tolerances for dimensions and surface quality obtained as a result of blasting.

On honigova tubes for cylinders price is slightly higher than other similar products but it is justified by their unique operational characteristics, contributing to a fairly wide application of the products.

The quality of surface treatment and exact compliance with the dimensional standards depends on the effectiveness and durability of the hydraulic cylinder and the level of impact on the cylinder rod. In addition, the operation of each cylinder suggests a permanent influence of temperature, pressure, fluids, and lateral loads transmitted by the piston. Therefore, buy honigova tubes for cylinders can be different sizes, but all of them are peculiar:

- high strength and stiffness;

- absolute tightness;

- resistance to factors that promote the formation of corrosion;

- excellent wear resistance;

- high resistance to significant temperatures;

- maximum precision of execution, is able to provide a quality seal in the cylinder;

strong resistance to aggressive environments;

- a long time of trouble-free operation.

Only meeting all of the above criteria, characterizing the product, contributes to the efficient and effective functioning of hydraulic cylinders.


Honigova tubes for cylinders you can buy for the production and repair of hydraulic equipment used in many industrial areas, ranging from energy and engineering, and ending with the space industry.

Products have a quite wide range of external and internal diameters, lengths and wall thickness that allows you to buy tubing products for the implementation of almost any hydraulic projects.

Where to buy

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