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High-temperature steel

Жаропрочные стали

High-temperature steel

If you want to make any machinery or equipment at high temperatures, the course is a high temperature steel.

Heat-resistant steel

Heat-resistant steel is a sought – after kind of metal, which does not change performance during prolonged exposure to high temperatures. In addition, this material resists corrosion arising from the immersion of the workpiece in the gas environment. It retains its properties when heated up to +550 degrees Celsius and above, depending on the characteristics of the specific brand. Selling in "As-Synthesis" can be found as pure varieties of steel with heat-resistant properties, and Nickel, cobalt, titanium, copper and other compounds. In the catalog heat-resistant alloys are presented wrought, cast and powder types, which can withstand contact with fire and heat up to 1100 degrees Celsius. At high impact, the material maintains its integrity up to several thousand hours. Scope High-temperature alloys and steels used in large number of industries and production. Most of this raw material produce mechanisms and their constituent elements in the following areas: Space-rocket production. The main advantage of high-temperature alloys and steels is increased reliability, so they collect the skin of the hulls, motors and other components, working in conditions of high impacts. Aviation, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering. In these areas heat-resistant metal alloys used for the manufacture of turbines operating on gas fuel. With the same purpose, the material used in the Assembly of power plants and large equipment for production and processing of petroleum products. Construction of private and municipal heating facilities. Of heat-resistant steel and alloys produce chamber for fuel combustion, furnace components, boiler elements and Autonomous boilers for heating. Chemical processing often requires processing of raw materials in a gas medium or high impact. Of heat-resistant varieties began to assemble our equipment for the technological processes at such facilities. Types of alloy Despite the fact that all steels and alloys with such properties combine practicality with high quality and versatility, their properties can vary depending on the composition. Classification of products is possible according to the degree of resistance to thermal treatment. According to this criterion there are the following types: Heat resistant. Such materials can fully function under load in temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, while maintaining the integrity for a long time. To this category belong, for example, the group of ferritic steel including carbon, low alloy and chrome base. Heat resistant. They are not as quickly destroyed at high thermal treatment, however, are more expensive than the previous species. These include austenitic steels based on chromium and Nickel, chromium, Nickel and manganese as well as Nickel-cobalt alloys. Heat-resistant. They are also called okalinoobrazovanie. Such materials operate at temperatures above 550 degrees Celsius in conditions of weak or missing load, resistant to chemical effects in the gas environment. These include Maraging steel on the basis of silicon and chromium, austenitic alloys based on chromium with Nickel, and a number of other varieties. Classification of this group of metal is possible according to the production technology. The most popular are of steel and alloys manufactured by casting method. Consider separately deformable connections, which are used to manufacture a variety of parts by means of plastic deformation. Their high ductility combined with good impact toughness, so they are perfectly show itself under mechanical stress. As for the powder varieties, they are most widely used in the aerospace industry. They make turbine components, compressor parts, bearings, bushings, filter elements and other components parts. The advantages of ordering in our company If you need order high-temperature or heat-resistant steel, note on the catalogue of company "A Synthesis". The advantages of buying on the website: Huge selection of brands, constant availability of most items. You don't have to wait, even if it requires the production of large quantities of rental. High competence of our employees and years of experience allow us to solve tasks of any complexity. You will receive a detailed consultation, individual cost calculation, will be able to ask any questions. Timely shipment and prompt delivery in the city, region, and transportation to the regions. The minimum margin. We are the products of large manufacturers with whom we work directly. This means that you can buy heat-resistant materials in our company can be most profitable. The availability of official documents for the products from the guarantee securities to the certificates of compliance with international standards and GOST. To apply, please send a request via the website, email or call the company's managers on the phone. We will process and accept your order in the shortest possible time! https://text.ru/antiplagiat/5dc93532552be