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Duplex alloy EN 1.4507

Steel EN 1.4507 / Alloy F255

1.4507 super duplex alloy is demanded in the industry stainless steel, which buy at affordable price the company offers. It is based on iron (around 67-68%), as well as additive and alloying components, including: • chrome; • molybdenum; • silicon; • manganese; • copper. This composition is distinguished by high mechanical strength, resistance to wear, durability. Steel 1.4507 – this anti-corrosion material, resistant to all types of moisture and aggressive environments (surface, crevice, pitting). Features and scope of use This steel grade has a low thermal expandability, it is simply welded (subject to technical conditions) and processed. High durability allows to use the alloy in remote locations where there is no possibility of the regular maintenance. The main application is the production of pipes, fittings, rods, wire for the oil gas industry. Also the alloy used in food and medical industry. If you need stainless steel, which price is available, and the quality complies with international standards, choose the raw material steel 1.4507. Our company offers a wide range of products from alloy of the type: pipe, wire, stainless steel rods (the price matches the quality).

the Chemical composition of the steel 1.4507




















1,0 - 2,5

0,15 - 0,30

The rest

the Mechanical properties of the material 1.4507

Nominal thickness, mm < 30
Yield strength, min., ReH, MPa 500
Tensile strength (ultimate strength), min, Rm, MPa 700 - 900
Hardness Brinell HB max. 310
Elongation, min, % 20
Job blow KV at 20°C, min., j 100
Job blow KV at -40°C [-40°F ], min, J. Transverse samples 40

Form of delivery of steel products 1.4507

Round EN 1.4507

Diameter: 6 – 500mm


Sheet EN 1.4507

Thickness: 0.5 mm – 100mm





Pipe EN 1.4507


-Hot rolled round pipe with a diameter from 38 to 244.5 mm, thickness from 3 to 25 mm


-Cold-drawn round tube

diameter from 6 to of 219.1 mm

with a thickness of 0.9 to 14.2 mm


Hexagon EN 1.4507

Diameter: 17-65mm


Strip EN 1.4507

Thickness: 5-50mm ; Width: 50-250mm

Supply of steel products 1.4507