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Duplex alloys

Дуплексные сплавы

Duplex alloys

Duplex stainless steels are good enough material, because they have 2 phases: ferrite and austenite.

Duplex metal

Publiczna steel is rapidly gaining popularity. The demand for products is so high now that almost every company engaged in production, has its own separate directory. If you need duplex stainless steel, we recommend you to contact the company "A Synthesis".

As the material appeared on the market?

The first duplex alloys began to produce in the 40-ies of the last century. But despite this, the wide application and spread around the world raw materials are received just a decade ago. The main reason is the improvement of the production technology. It is worth noting that today, manufacturers are able to more accurately adjust the nitrogen content in their products.

what are the benefits?

The idea to develop a directory of duplex alloys is justified by the desire to obtain material of higher quality. Through the use of approximately equal amounts of austenitic and ferritic steels has provided the following advantages.

  1. The improvement in strength. The products can withstand the load at the level of 400-450 MPa, which is almost two times higher than ferritic or austenitic alloy. As a result, the manufacturer has the opportunity to save on the amount of use of raw materials to obtain finished products having identical characteristics than its competitors. In addition, by reducing the thickness reduces the final weight. This is extremely important when it comes to the manufacture of vessels and tanks, as well as building structures under constant pressure.

  2. Even if you increase the thickness of the duplex alloy is convenient to use when welding.

  3. The increase in toughness. The result is much better than the nearest equivalent – the ferritic alloy. In particular, this applies to situations where the exploitation of a finished product or design is conducted when the ambient temperature is below -50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, duplex usable even at a temperature of -80 degrees.

  4. Increased resistance to stress cracking corrosion. This problem usually suffer austenitic materials. The ability to resist corrosion is valued at production installations and processing type, frames for swimming pools, brewery tanks, as well as other products, is constantly in contact with water.

  5. The boilers, manufactured with the use of duplex steel is the equipment that combines reliability, practicality and quality of work for many years.

As welded material?

To quickly weld the material, you must follow some specific rules. For example, in the preparation of need:

  • carefully strip the metal and the surface from dirt;

  • to make some more clearance at the root and angle of cutting edges;

  • pre-treating the working surfaces only with the use of metal wire, resistant to corrosion;

  • to trace, on the surface of the welding electrode absent moisture.

Experience of welding shows that duplex steel is also forced to adhere to certain rules.

  1. Check the heat input. It should not be too low or high. Conventional duplex welding provides the range of 0.5 to 2.5 kJ/mm. the figure megauploadno temperature should not exceed 200 degrees Celsius.

  2. Make sure that on the back side of the weld there was not the scale. Therefore, it is important to pick up the gas can protect the weld root. Usually for protective purposes used a mixture of hydrogen/asorta with high-purity argon.

  3. It is important to make the right choice of the expert, capable to weld elements. This is because of the risk of cracks and corrosion.

  4. At carrying out of welding works is not do a wide transverse oscillation of the electrode. In accordance with the rules, we should avoid too much heat input, otherwise the metal is not welded properly.

super duplex and alloy giperreflexia

When you add Nickel ferritic chromium steel, the manufacturer has a basis with a mixed structure. In other words, the composition will contain ferrite and austenite. The prefix "Hyper" and "super" in the name indicate the high content of alloying elements. Therefore, achieved even greater corrosion resistance compared to other varieties of materials.

Are the products widely used in food production, medicine, construction and chemical industry.

Where to buy a duplex?

The desire to acquire profitable duplex alloy should not be a reason for buying poor quality material. We therefore strongly recommend to seek help at a company "A Synthesis". Cooperation with us is:

  • the ability to individually select the alloy based on personal preferences;

  • huge assortment;

  • the constant availability at the warehouse;

  • delivery throughout the territory of Russia;

  • the compliance of products with regulatory requirements of the GOST standards;

  • ease of payment.

Our advisers can provide individual assistance in selecting the optimal alloy. To do this contact customer service by email or by phone.